How to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables: this chemical destroys all bacteria, viruses and fungi and doesn’t harm environment

On the journey through chemistry world I would stop on one, it may seem simple, (chemical compound), but compound which can be named as chemistry wonder. That is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

What is hydrogen peroxide? That is bluish, compound of hydrogen and oxygen known as hydrogen.

Two atoms of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen make real “miracle”! How’s that? This instable compound is very similar to water (H2O), except it has one atom of oxygen more. That oxygen connects to anything and oxidized. In that way it destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi and other substances. It is very important that after this reaction hydrogen-peroxide decay on water and oxygen (so there is no by-products).

Did you know that subclass of leukocytes, so called neutrophils, serve as first line of defense from disease by producing hydrogen-peroxide against toxins, bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi?

Hydrogen-peroxide has numerous possibilities of use:

  • Organic production
  • Keeping good health and hygiene
  • Use in medical purpose
  • Probably the best known use of this compound is for whitening teeth and washing mouth.
  • For disinfection of wounds and cuts on our body it is used 3% solvent of this compound. With this kind of solvent it could be treated even an ear inflammation.
  • It brightens skin, hair and nails, and it is used as remedy for whitening stains on clothes.
  • It gives excellent result for cleaning kitchen surfaces, hallway, bathroom, children’s toys, and also in fighting mold.
  • It can be used for “washing” meat before cooking.

However, what attracts attention the most is use of this compound in organic production. American environment protection agency (EPA) recognized hydrogen-peroxide as organic treatment for agricultural cultures, and there are many benefits for the gardeners. Namely, “feeding” with diluted hydrogen-peroxide will free many infected plants from pests, including caterpillars and other pests that are located in the soil.

Concentrations of significance

  1. 3%: Hydrogen-peroxide in this concentration can be found in pharmacies, drugstores. This product is not recommended for internal use because it contains stabilizers which are not for swallowing.
  2. 6%: This concentration is in use for cosmetic purposes for hair coloring and it is not recommended for internal use.
  3. 30%: Scientists in their experiments use this concentration which contains stabilizers and also is not for internal use.
  4. 30% – 32%: Electronic parts can be cleaned with this compound which also excludes internal use.
  5. 35%: It is used in production of food such as cheese, eggs, and whey products. That is the only hydrogen-peroxide that is used for internal use.
  6. 90%: This is concentration which is used as oxygen source in rocket motors.

Interesting thing: We meet hydrogen – peroxide for the first time immediately after we are born because mother’s milk contains mild solution of hydrogen so baby can protect itself from possible infections during first meeting with this world! So, this miraculous compound follows us trough our whole life, so – let’s believe to it…

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