5 important acupressure spots: acupressure – skill of self-healing

For this ancient method you need only your fingers and a little bit of effort. Once you master the basics of acupressure, it will help you to have more energy during the day, to prepare your body for regeneration during the night and to remove your most common health bothers all by yourself.

Here are listed some of the most common health bother that you can solve by yourself with acupressure:

#1. Headache

Pres the area behind the temple with your thumbs, about 1cm behind the hair line. Make 20 easy circles with deep breathing. Pressing this spots we are acting preventively and stops most types of headaches.

You will get rid of the headache by pressing acupressure spots for brain, hypophysis, that are located at the very top of the thumbs and the big toes, one below another. Pres it with your nail, not with fingertip. By treatment of these spots you will also make your concentration and memory better.

#2. Pain and tension in the neck

If you imagine that the thumb presents the head, it will be easier for you to remember that the joint in the root of the thumb is connected with the neck. In order to prevent or stop tension and pains in your neck, pres the area around this joint on your hands and legs regularly.

#3. Back pain

On the outer side of the palm, between the bones of the thumb and the index finger, there is the area that present to us our body work balance and our pelvis health. By pressing the dent between these bones starting from the place where they are touching each other to the tip we are acting on the upper part of the back, lower part of the back and on shoulders.

As you can easily imagine that the thumb is the head, joint in the root of the thumb is the neck, in the same way present to yourself that the arch of the foot is the pelvis. From the bottom up, with both thumbs, press it’s outer edge strongly.

By regularly training of these areas, we will significantly contribute to reduction of pain in the back and will get our body back to the balance.

#4. Digestion interferences

Between the bones of your thumb and the index finger, on the inner side of the palm, there is the area connected with the stomach. It is easy to locate it on the foot too – because the stomach is located at the middle of our body so the spot for it is located in the middle of the foot. Treatment of these spots helps with stomach issues, such as stomach acid secretion, slow digestion. For maximum results, don’t press this spot just after the meal.

#5. Tension

You will be surprised to hear that magic spot for relieving the tension actually exists. This spot is located in the root of the big toe. It is important because, besides that it eliminates mental tension, with its activation we are contributing to work of sciatica nerve.

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