Everybody knows about Breast Cancer?

Everybody knows about Breast Cancer these days. Every woman faces Breast Cancer problem.  Breast Cancer is a serious and risky for women.  We should get knowledge about breast cancer and do lower that risk and avoid this critical disease. However, sometimes unknowingly we harm our own health and increase the chances of rising it.

According to researchers at Kaiser Permanente women diagnosed with breast cancer are those who used a diet rich in full-fat dairy.  Low-fat dairy increases the rate of risk of breast cancer in women.

The growth of breast cells is stimulated by the estrogen hormone.  It includes the growth of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. The majority of experts claim that dairy products sold in the United States and other Western countries hold the increased amount of estrogen and progesterone because of the pregnant cow milk. If we follow this logic, it’s safe to suppose that low-fat dairy products have lower levels of estrogen and progesterone because they’re uncovered from most of the fat.

Women should use less full-fat dairy products and more low-fat ones. Women should use company made products instead of pure dairy in order to avoid cancer.

Product for Cause of Breast Cancer

Following the above-mentioned claims and experts sought out that consuming full-fat dairy products really increases the opportunity of breast cancer or re-emergence, as well as the risk of dying from breast cancer.

Here are some daily full-fat products:

  • whole milk
  • condensed or evaporated milk
  • pudding
  • ice cream
  • custard
  • flan
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • butter

The researcher monitored over the course of 12 years in their research.  According to the researcher, the results were quite shocking.

According to results 64 %  women have the higher chance of death who used full-fat dairy products every day., Another shocking result is from 64% women, 49% higher chance of dying from cancer. It was compared to the subjects who consumed low-fat dairy products or fewer servings of full-fat dairy product a day.

These results are quite shocking for us and need to think about it. The study reveals a connection between full-fat dairy products and fatal cancer outcomes. But it doesn’t prove that the one necessarily leads to the other. More tests, experiments and researchers are needed in order to discover the real connection between two.

In anticipation of more information on the subject is available. It’s sensible for every patient that diagnosed with early-stage cancer to do everything.

Women can reduce the risk of repetition and increase the opportunity for survival and keep given below points in the mind:

  1. Begin a healthy eating regimen, eliminate processed foods and sugar
  2. Get rid of alcohol
  3. Maintained your body weight with age and height chart
  4. Workout on a regular basis
  5. Give up on smoking
  6. Take all doctor’s prescribed medicine to avoid reoccurrence.

Source: http://www.healthtipsportal.com

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