Beautiful every day: 9 beauty things that you must have in your purse

Woman have one big trouble, when they start to pack thair purse they often give up because they exaggerate with amount of things. That happens because everything looks so important. The trick is in use of multyfunctional products for beauty and care, so you can save space, and at any time during the day to be prepared and carry on. All those things can be in sample size pack, or those mini packs that can be find in shops.

These are 9 things you must have in your purse:

#1. Regular napkins for all situations and as a salvation for absoption of excess shine when your forehead starts to shine, and intimo because they are so neutral that you can use them for any type of refreshment including makeup removal.

#2. Dental flask and buble gums, because million times happen that we eat something during the day and think how good it would be to have flask, and some researshes show that people who clean their teeth regulary after every meal really have less problems with them.

#3. Multifunctional creme that can be used for hands, face, body… wherever we see dry skin. It is excellent choice for cold weather when skin is prone to demaging and it is salvation in situations when you are going to train after work and you want to take of your makeup with napkins.

#4. Corrector, because whatever happens during the day or changes with your makeup, at the end it will look good if you add a little bit of corrector in eye engles or addittionally camuflage spots if it erased anywhere.

#5. Mascara. Because it can serve as for eyelashes as for making addittional conture to the eyes if you rub it in all way down to the root of the eyelashes.

#6. Bright color lipsick- for situations when you wnat to modify your dayly makeup because you will go somewhere righaway after the work. Choose some shade that, in small amount, can be used on cheeks instead of blush.

#7. Rubber band for hair are always welcome because they don’t take any space and often happens we need them, for example if simply hair bothers us, or loses it’s shape.

#8. Little deodorant or parfume tester- to get back freshness and that beautiful feeling like you are just got out of the house.

#9. Women needings- daytime sanitary napkin or tampons, just for a case. Although in many cases you won’t be needing this, there is always moments when we are more than happy to have them.

If you always go with your car, it is good to have  reserve clothes in it. I have two combinations in mine. One is casual combination if I want to go to the city directly from work and the other is for gym if I feel like training is what I want to do after work and it happened more than twice that I used some of these combinations.

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