Energy balance

It happens you seem that you grow fat over night. At once your clothes is tight, appetite is bigger, you feel need for bigger food intake. Simply, you are not satisfied and you feel sad. At the begining it is hard for you to acept that you gained fat, because you don’t know how, you didn’t have feeling you eat more.

What is energy balance and what it have to do with everything?

Energy intake should be equal with energy used so the body can be in balance. Energy that we take in by food and drink is needed for our existance, that is fuel of life. We need it for growth and also for every day function of our body and organs.

Under physical activity we don’t mean only classic training, but any form af activity such as: walking, using steps instead of elevator, working in the garden,… If you are not physicaly active enough, your body will become weak, you will feel constant fatigue, common walk will get you tired. To be in balance you need to pay attention on food/energy intake besides training.

We can’t separate all food on earth on that which do make you to gain fat and that which don’t. We classify food by concentration and ratioof macronutrients and it’s energy value. Regarding that we have protein food, carbohydrate, food rich in fat.

On every pack of foof there is tag on witch is written nutrient composition, and it is measure how many calories some product have. Measure is given for 100g and sometimes per portion.

For most women it is considered (if they are moderate active) that about 2000kcal is daily need, and for men it is 2500kcal. This is an average. There are women who need 1400kcal and who need 3000kcal.

All these things affect composition of our bodies, if we will have more fat or more muscles. The same way the composition affects intake, if you exercise regularly you’ll have more muscles and you can take more calories than someone who is not active.

What is true for all of us, no matter how much we are different, reduced intake of  energy with regular physical activity leads to fat redustion.

All is very simple, if you are very active and if you burn more energy than you take you will lose waight, and the oposite, if you take more then you burn you’ll gain waight.

How people gain waight without noticing?

When you come in middle age, you stoped with intensive learning, you go to work by car, you sit a lot at work, regarding you are not in puberty any more the development stoped, your body doesn’t need so much energy any more. But we still continue to eat the same ammount of food, and the body doesn’t need that much and it store it like fat that bothers as later. Fat tissue doesn’t make just visual problem, it is metabolically very active.


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