Abs diet

Did you know that all of us have abs, they just are not visible because of layer of fat that is located under the skin. Some people have more fat under the skin and then not only that abs aren’t visible but those persons have bigger waist volume, and some people need just a small change in diet so abs can be seen.

Local removing of fat is nos possible, belly fat can’t be removed with bell exercises, the same as there is no diet that will melt belly fat. Whole body training with adequat diet will lead your body to wanted condittion, every part of the body get in shape and along with it the belly to.

Besides regular training of strenght as the cardio training too, you need to apply adequat diet plan in order to get wanted result. We will mention macronutrients which sources are ideal for them.


It is very important not to reduse carbohydrates intake too much because they are very important in diet. Rule for everything is to reduce intakeof carbohydrates (during the process of loosing fat), in order to encourage the bodyto take fuel from fat tissue. This is not an universal rule for everybody, but most often it refers to many.

It is important to consume carbohydrates that are rich in fibers and with reduces ammount of sugar, in order to use them in the bes possible way. In body fat reduction programe it is needed 20% to 30% of carbohydrates dayly.

Good carboyidrates sources:

  • whole grains (corn, rise)
  • pumpkin
  • fruits: banana, melons, apples, almost all fruits are good.
  • vegetables: brocoly, carote, peas, all vegetable is excellent.

The big differense with fruits is in the ammount, for example, you can certainly eat big ammount of watermellon, while that is not the case with grapes, the same thing is with vegetables, you can always eat biger ammount of cucamber than, for example, potato or corn… Ever fruit or vegetable have different nutrition composition, somewhere there is more sugar, somewhere that is the case with fat, somewhere protein. You must pay attention on that when you define the ammount.


Very important nutrient for building muscles. Amynoacids that are located in proteins are very import important for recovery after the training. Proteins have big thermic effect also , which means that calories are burned for its digestion. It is also proved that diet is rich in protein, body will take fuel from fat cells most often.

Good protein sources:

  • chiken, turkey
  • beaf steak
  • whole egg
  • yogurt, cheese
  • fish
  • whey protein powder
  • legumes


Equally important macronutrient in diet, especialy for women fats vegulates work of many important hormones. Of course we are talking about good fat sources. Correct fat intake even can gelp burning fat depasits in the body.

Good fat sources:

  • nuts
  • grain butter
  • avocado
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • seeds: chia, pumpkin, flax

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