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The feet are one of the parts of the body most neglected by people, for this reason it is common for them to present a series of conditions which can affect us in various ways, one of them are the fungi, that is why in today’s special Les Prese Ntamos an excellent natural treatment to eliminate them effectively and look a few feet worthy to look in any magazine.

The fungi in the feet or as it is also known as “Athlete’s Foot”, is an infection in the feet caused by fungi or yeast, this type of infection occurs when a type of fungus or yeast, which proliferates on the skin of the feet.

In addition to the toes, it can also occur on the heels, the palms of the hands and between the fingers.

The fungi responsible for this infection are easily developed in humid areas, for this reason various experts describe various factors that may influence the development of the athlete’s foot, which are:

The use of closed footwear, especially if it is covered with plastic, keep the feet moist for prolonged periods, excess perspiration in the area and finally have a minor lesion on the toenails or on the skin.

How to remove the fungus forever?
Recognizing yes a person suffers from athlete’s foot is very simple, because the most common symptom is cracked skin, the presence of scales that are detached between the toes or on the sides of the foot, red and itchy skin , itching and blistering that ooze and end up forming a crust.

It is important to note that in order to combat this condition there are natural ways to eliminate the fungus, to combat it you will need; A little water, honey and salt.

The procedure is very simple, prepare a punch and add warm water with salt in it you will introduce your feet and let stand for at least 10 minutes, after passing time takes the feet of the water Sécalos and lets spend another 10 minutes, then applied with the help of a Algodó n or brush the honey in the affected area and let it act during the night.

As the days pass, you’ll see how the fungus has disappeared.

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