Let’s say the truth – most of us reheat food leftovers because it’s quick and convenient. However, not all foods are safe for reheating. Reheating leftovers makes the food lose nutrients and allows the expansion of harmful substances which can seriously harm your health.

Here’s a list of 7 foods you should not reheat:

#1. Spinach

Spinach is rich in nitrates, harmful compounds that convert to nitrites when exposed to high temperatures. Spinach should be consumed fresh after preparation and the rest should be thrown out.

#2. Beets

Beets contain nitrates as well, so it’s best to throw the rest of the meal out instead of reheating it.

#3. Eggs

Although they can be eaten as leftover food, it’s best to take eggs cold instead of reheating them.

#4. Chicken meat

Reheated chicken meat can cause serious digestive problems and damage your organs. If you must reheat it, do so on a very low temperature or just eat the meat cold.

#5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms should never be reheated as they may cause serious cardiovascular or digestive problems. Eat them right away after preparation or save some leftovers and eat them later cold.

#6. Potatoes

Potatoes lose a lot of their nutrients when reheated, so it’s best to eat them after preparation. Reheating puree or baked potatoes and eating them is a dangerous habit which can have serious consequences on our health..

#7. Celery

Like beets and spinach, celery contains nitrates which are converted to nitrites when reheated. Most people chop a bigger amount of celery and add it to their soup for a couple of days in advance which is a big mistake as reheating celery is highly dangerous. When reheating the soup, which is totally fine, you should remove the pieces of celery in order to reduce the risk of problems later.


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