Gregg Barden, a famous American author became known around the globe for his revolutionary theories about the links between cancer and our emotional state. According to him emotions can have an influence on our DNA and the power of collectivized thoughts, like prayer and suggestion can treat a number of physical illnesses.

Cancer Cells

Cancer and its effects can be stopped by intent awareness on the synergy between the manifestations and our thoughts, and there is a field that unites everything. This unifying field has been scientifically proven in 1996 in the leading science journal Nature No.332 and in this journal its powers are explained in detail.

Control over emotions and thoughts

Our thoughts and emotions, even though they’re abstract, create electromagnetic fields, and their waves can reach up to one meter in our body. It was Nikola Tesla who first mentioned that people in the future will be able to generate electric power with their thoughts which further backs this theory that our thoughts are a powerful source of energy, which hasn’t been exploited so far.

We’re not referring to the random thoughts we have about the things we see and feel everyday but the power of focused thought, collective thoughts. These thoughts can create a powerful electromagnetic field and impact the environment.

Once this method is established it won’t sound like an extract from a sci-fi movie but a serious method which can have applications in a number of treatments for a long list of medical conditions.

This method was even recorded on camera and shows how powerful it can be. In a video recorded in a Chinese hospital you can see the elimination of cancer in a patient with the size of 3×2.5 cm in a matter of 3 minutes. The whole process was recorded on an ultrasound screen.

If you want to yield the power of electromagnetic radiation you first need to learn how to control your feelings and emotions and learn how to increase this power in time.

Feelings can change the DNA

Our emotions and feelings are like mirrors. Everything we do is reflected in the environment so we receive the same thing we have in ourselves.

If you start saying to yourself that you’ll be happy, or healthy or find a new job, the mirror will tell you if these things will happen or not. But, if we feel and say that we are changing here and now, as if this is actually happening, our DNA will change and we will really change as a result.

The majority of experts claim that emotions, feelings and faith have nothing to do with the physical state of our body or the treatment of diseases. Even so, psycho-oncology says a different story.

Almost all scientists claim that our emotions and faith are not associated to our lives and especially the occurrence and treatment of diseases, however, psycho-oncology claims the opposite. What we feel, think and how much we believe can have a tremendous effect on our entire life and our overall health.

Emotions can change your DNA, don’t you ever forget that!


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