Relationships can be tricky to decipher. A guy who seems super into you one minute might blow you off the next day.

Here are some clues that a guy wants to stick around in your life for a long time. If he does more than a couple of these things, he’s in love with you and he wants you to know it.

#1. He hangs out with your family.

Going along to someone else’s family obligation is something that most of us dread. You never know what kind of awkward arguments will pop up among family members, and you’re generally stuck in the situation until your partner decides you can leave.

If your man willingly rides along to visit your family members, he figures he’s in your life for the long haul. He wants to get to know and like the people who might become his in-laws someday.

#2. He asks you for fashion advice.

It’s possible he just thinks you’re a fashion guru. But chances are he wants to impress you by caring about style and wearing the clothes that you think are cool.

#3. He wants to run errands with you.

Let’s face it. Even the most interesting person in the world has boring tasks to take care of. If a man insists on riding along to the bank and grocery store with you, it’s not because the activity itself is fun. He’s basically playing house and trying to spend as much time with you as possible.

#4. He eagerly fixes things around your house or apartment.

Another way men try to show their value to women is by being a handy man. He may notice a burnt out light bulb or missing caulk in the bathtub and offer to fix the problem.

Even when a task is super easy, like changing an air filter, men like to take care of the situation. The reason? They want to prove that they’d be a good husband.

#5. He makes a meal for you.

He may not be a master chef, but if he studiously follows a recipe to make a special treat, he’s very much into you. Guys that go outside of their comfort zone to make you happy are trying to prove that they’re worth having around.

#6. He plans special dates or trips.

Most men like to wing it and do whatever sounds fun at the moment. This doesn’t always satisfy the hopes and dreams of their partners, though. Men that are in love know this and will plan special days that they know will delight you.

#7. He listens to your stories and remembers details from them.

We all tell boring stories and share insignificant details from time to time. While polite people try to listen and nod, they’re not always paying complete attention.

If your man remembers details about your friends and family from those stories, he really cares about what your saying. He’s trying to learn more about you because he wants to be closer with you. That can be a rarity in today’s fast-paced world.

#8. Real Manners

Finally, if your man makes sure that you “finish” before him, then ladies, never let him go. Allowing you to finish before he does, signifies that he is kind, selfless and wants to take care of your needs more than he cares about his own. Men like this are really hard to find and are often found after searching for a really really long time.

#8.a. He’ll Hold Your Things

Regardless of your man does for a living, or where he stands in society, they do not want to be seen as someone weak or submissive. If they start holding your things for you, like your purse, they really don’t care how other men see them as because they’re already filled up with love for you that takes leaves no space for other worries or concerns!

#8.b. He’ll Shop for Your Womanly Needs

If your man loves you, you could ask them for anything your heart desires. They don’t care about looking weak or uncomfortable. They only want you to be happy and if it means that he has to feel a little awkward, then he’ll be willing to do anything for you.

#8.c. He Remembers the Little Things

When your man truly cares about you, he will remember the most minute detail. The way you like your coffee, the way you like to be kissed, the way you like to be touched. He remembers these things because you’re his goddess, and he loves the living hell out of you!

#8.d. He Makes Sacrifices for Your Happiness

You’re his goddess remember? It only makes sense that your man will make sacrifices for his goddess. If you want to try something in bed that he particularly doesn’t like, he’ll bite the bullet and make sure that you’re satisfied…because he LOVES YOU!

#8.e. He Things You’re Beautiful When You Aren’t

Does your man stick around even after you wake up with that horrible “bed face”? Does he kiss you BEFORE you brush your teeth and makes you that coffee while you scratch your butt? Ladies! HE LOVES YOU! He’s a keeper!

#8.f. He Opens Himself Up in front of You!

When your man really REALLY loves you, he will allow his defenses to drop in front of you. He’ll let you probe his weaknesses. For men, an emotional armor is necessary and for your man to take it off and let you inside, it’s a BIG deal! Ladies, he’s a rare one, so don’t let him go!

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