Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells – Prepare It at Home!

Alkaline water is frequently used by the nation with the longest lifespan in the whole world, and that is the Japanese nation. Japanese are very much familiar with the benefits of the use of alkaline water. Namely, this type of water can boost the metabolism, efficiently eliminate the contaminants and waste out of the body, and above all destroy the cancer cells.

The human body is consisted of 80% water, and because of that the pH levels must be alkaline having the value over 7. Any level below 7, means that you are having an acidic body which can result in the occurrence of various health issues. So, if you want to be in perfect health condition you need to maintain alkaline pH levels.

The body turns to be acidic due to the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks. The major reasons for an acidic body are the consumption of alcohol, coffee, salt, processed foods, refined sugar, greasy food, and vitamins and minerals shortage. All this will lead to weak immune system which is accompanied with symptoms like daily headaches, abdominal pain, and many other serious health conditions.

Numerous studies have proven that cancer cells thrive and spread in an acidic body, which is not the case with an alkaline body. In alkaline body, cancer cells cannot survive and this is the key reason why we need to maintain our pH levels over 7. This can be achieved if we regularly consume alkaline water, and in that way we can successfully eliminate the acid that remains in the body without harming any healthy cell. Plus, alkaline water can keep our body well hydrated, and provide proper body function and health.

Recipe for Alkaline Water

Required Ingredients:

  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt
  • 8 cups of filtered and purified water
  • A jar


Start with slicing the lemon and then put the slices in the jar filled with 2 liters of filtered and purified water. Next, add the Himalayan salt and mix everything nicely with a large spoon. After that, close the jar and leave it to stay overnight on a room temperature. In the morning, drink 3 glasses of the alkaline water on an empty stomach.

You need to keep up the routine, and your body will gradually start to alkalize and eliminate the acids from your organism. Thanks to its consumption you will have well hydrated body and boosted health.


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