Why You Should Massage Your Feet Before Bedtime!!

Massaging your feet before going to bed is indeed beneficial for you and your health. Our feet serve as a map for our body, each part of our feet represent different organs.

In addition, massage improves circulation and increases the efficiency of the lymph system, which carries metabolic toxins out of the body. All of our experiences, both good and bad, are stored in our tissues.

Massage releases the harmful residue of those experiences and results in a healthier, more efficient body.

In addition, massage stimulates and improves the digestion and it’s quite helpful as a supplement, but also as treatment method for certain conditions.

Below are the benefits you can possibly get when massaging your feet before going to bed:

It’s already known that the massage and the pressing of a certain part of the foot can treat some diseases of the organs, but it can also reduce the pain.

You should massage your feet immediately before bed and it’s recommend to include it your daily routine. The duration of the massage should be at least 10-15 minutes.

Some of the reasons to do it daily:
  1. It boosts blood circulation.
  2. Good for your skin.
  3. Reduces the effect of edema (during pregnancy)
  4. Restless leg syndrome
  5. Maintains proper function.
  6. Treats numerous diseases.
  7. Eliminate lactic acid.
  8. Facilitates digestion
  9. Affects the muscle stretch
  10. Improves Metabolism
  11. Stimulates the secretion of sweat
  12. Mobilizes fat and improves blood flow
  13. Relieves pain and stiffness caused by too much exercising
  14. Prevents and cures headaches, stress, asthma,constipation, sinusitis and migraine.

If you already have a certain disease, look at the picture, and press the place of the specified organ or simply massage your entire foot to improve the entire organism.

SOURCE:  https://www.powerofpositivity.com

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